Baker Associates markets an array of innovative financial services and products to help businesses, professionals, and individuals build, protect, and preserve their hard-earned assets.

Baker Associates takes a progressive and innovative approach to the brokerage market. We have teams of associates who specialize in impaired risks, jumbo cases, advanced markets such as estate and retirement planning, and business insurance including succession planning, executive compensation, and benefit planning. Our pride in handling difficult cases is summed up in our motto,

"It can be done."

Focus on Advanced Underwriting and Marketing Support
We’re prepared to provide you with personalized attention to fit your needs and those of your
clients including the following value added services:

• estate planning • sales and marketing concepts
• business planning • technical resources
• split dollar insurance plans • sales proposals
• case design • pre-application requirements
• document review • multiple product expertise
• specimen documents • competitive product analysis
• seminars for producers, clients, and advisors

We represent many of the industry’s leading insurers, offering a variety of products, services and medical underwriting expertise. The breadth of our portfolio allows us to work together to fulfill your clients’ needs. Access to our company’s services provides more than $130,000,000 at risk on qualified single life, and more than $150,000,000 in second-to-die, without exposure to the reinsurance market.

Focus on Impaired Risks
Baker Associates’ national team of professional underwriters puts more than 30 years of underwriting experience at your disposal. Dedicated case managers, experienced in impaired risk business, oversee your applications from submission to placement. Close coordination and cooperation with our carriers means better offers, quicker issue, better placement ratios. Our Trial Application helps us match the right carrier and product and the best offer for your impaired risk client.

Our brokerage expertise applied to the right portfolio gives you:

• Up to an 8 table to standard program
• In-house underwriting with more than 30 years experience
• "Upgrade" term and UL programs
• Products specifically designed for rated insureds
• Guaranteed issue and simplified issue products for "uninsurable clients"
• Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for your Jumbo Risks

Focus on Products
We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products from industry-leading carriers. We take special care in our carrier selection and are proud to offer the highest rated, most diverse list of carriers available in the industry today. Our goal is to select a limited number of financially sound companies and leverage those relationships in three areas: compensation, product design, and case negotiation. Please browse the list of our carriers and the products, features and services we offer.

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