1. Site Use Statement

This website, www.bakco.com, and all of its contents here under, are strictly for the use of AGENTS LICENSED WITH Baker Associates. This site is NOT FOR CONSUMER USE. The materials contained in this site are a conglomeration of information made available to Baker Associates by insurance companies, as well as Baker Associate’s analysis and summary of products. The purpose of the information provided on this site is to provide Baker Associate’s Agents with a quick guide to products available at Baker Associates. While Baker Associates makes every effort to maintain the accuracy of information provided on this site, Baker Associates DOES NOT GUARANTEE the accuracy of information provided on this site and is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ERRORS AND OMISSIONS. All information should be verified with Baker Associates by the Agent using this site.

2. Privacy Policy

It is the policy of Baker Associates that all personal information collected shall be subject to the following principles:
  • Information collected and held electronically will be protected;
  • Collection of personal information shall be limited to and consistent with the requirements of the activity;
  • Individuals shall be informed as to why personal information is collected and how it will be used;
  • Disclosure of personal information shall be limited to the purpose for which it was collected. When provided by law, information may be obtained from other entities;
  • Individuals shall be allowed a reasonable opportunity to obtain access to their personal information and to ensure that it is correct, and
  • Reasonable precautions shall be taken to ensure the security of information.

You are not required to provide us with personal information to use on our web site, unless expressly stated. If you do choose to provide us with personal information, the information will be kept in secured databases.

Baker Associates has no obligation to update information presented on this web site; therefore, information contained herein may be out of date at any given time. Changes, revisions or enhancements to products services or account information described in this web site may occur at any time without notice.

Our web site contains links to other web sites. When linking to another web site, our privacy policy no longer applies.
3. Licensing Information

Baker Associates is licensed to handle business in the following states: AZ, AL, CA, CT, DE, IL, IN, IA, KS, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, NH, NJ, NY, NC, OH, OR, PA, RI, TN, TX, UT, VA, WI, WV.

4. Online Quote and Forms Source Disclosure

Baker Associates provides quote and/or form engines through either I-Pipeline or LifeLinkPro.