Sensitive: Appointment paperwork must be submitted at the same time as the first application.
Restricted: Appointment paperwork must be submitted prior to the first application.
Not Restricted: Appointment paperwork may be submitted following the first application.
Carrier Pre-Appointments
AETNA Restricted
Allianz Life Insurance Co. of North America/LTC Restricted
Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America Restricted
AmerUs Life Insurance Company Restricted
American General Annuity Ins.Co/AIG Annuity Restricted
American General Life Restricted
American Investors Life Ins Co Restricted
American National Insurance Co. Restricted
Business Men's Assurance Company of America Restricted
Canada Life Assurance Company Restricted
Empire General Life Assur. Co. Restricted
F & G Life Insurance Company Restricted
First Colony Life Insurance Company Restricted
First Penn Pacific Restricted
First Penn Pacific/LTC Restricted
GE Capital Assurance Restricted
GE Capital Assurance Co./LTC Restricted
GE Life and Annuity Assurance Co.(LOV) Restricted
Hartford Life Insurance Co. Restricted
Indianapolis Life Insurance Company Restricted
Jefferson-Pilot Life Ins. Co Restricted
John Hancock Financial Services Restricted
John Hancock Financial Services/LTC Restricted
Lincoln Benefit Life/LTC Restricted
Lincoln Life Restricted
MONY Restricted
Manufacturers Life Ins. Co. Restricted
Mass Mutual Restricted
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Restricted
New York Life Ins & Annuity Co Restricted
New York Life Ins. Co. Restricted
Old Line Life Insurance Co. of America Restricted
Pacific Life Restricted
Physicians Life Restricted
Protective Life Insurance Co. Restricted
Prudential - Long Term Care Restricted
ReliaStar Life Insurance Company Restricted
Security Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York Restricted
Security-Connecticut Life Insurance Co Restricted
Southland Life Insurance Co. Restricted
State Life Insurance Co. Restricted
Sun Life Financial Restricted
TransAmerica Occidental Life Restricted
TransAmerica Occidental Life/LTC Restricted
Travelers Insurance Co.(TIC) Restricted
Travelers Life and Annuity Company (TLAC) Restricted
USG Annuity and Life Company Restricted
United Network Restricted
United States Life Ins. Co. in the City of NY Restricted
United of Omaha Life Insurance Company Restricted
West Coast Life Insurance Co. Restricted
Zurich Life Restricted
Banner Life Insurance Co. Not Restricted
CNA - LTC Not Restricted
Continental Assurance Company Not Restricted
Gerber Life Insurance Co. Not Restricted
Guarantee Trust Life Ins. Co./SI Not Restricted
Lincoln Benefit Life Ins. Co. Not Restricted
North American Co. for Life & Health Not Restricted
Prudential Life Insurance Co. Not Restricted
ReliaStar Life Insurance Company of New York (LSL) Not Restricted
Security Life of Denver Not Restricted
UnumProvident Corporation Not Restricted
Valley Forge Life Insurance Co. Not Restricted