Z-app is Zurich Life’s Newest Breakthrough In Application Processing!

This service allows licensed agents to submit pre-applications for Term Life insurance on line. Pre-applications submitted through Z-app service will be sent to TeleLife and processed immediately. (have link to Z-Application/Instruction Guide)
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  • Getting Started With Z-App

  • Z-Appoint is Zurich Life’s Newest Breakthrough In Agent Licensing and Contracting!

    This is a new online, paperless agent appointment system. With just a few clicks, an agent can complete the appointment process, replacing the fax paper trail of company documents and state licenses traditionally required. This innovative and timesaving approach is unique to agent and corporate appointments. Once the application is delivered electronically to Zurich Life, the information is entered into the company's home office system. The final step automatically checks available sources of state license information, and, once the data is confirmed, the agent is appointed with Zurich Life (Have Z-appoint Link-when we get it)
  • Z-Appoint Instructions for General Agents
  • Z-Appoint Instructions for Writing Agents
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